Caldicot Running Club

Club training

Monday @ 6:45pm

Monday evening we all go for a club run together. Dependent on current capability, this can be anything from 3 to 10 miles. We never let anyone run alone. We have several different pace groups for varying abilities, all this is discussed prior to the run at the Castle Gate car park (our new home!).

Once a month, we like to have a club fun run; either at the slowest pace for all to run together, or a 'Boomerang Run'!

Wednesday @ 6:45pm‚Äč

Wednesday nights are our interval workouts. It's an evening where no matter your ability you can follow along with the prescribed session. Work as hard as you can and encourage one another and bask in glory when it's all over!

The session usually consists of a warm-up, a breakdown of the workout ahead, including and key things to focus on, followed by a cool-down.

Trail Runs

Once a month we head off the roads and explore local trails. We are blessed with some stunning trails around the Wye Valley and Wentwood Forest. There are always multiple options available and never too far from Caldicot. Our trail takeovers are designed for everyone - for those looking to refresh their running mojo, to those training for ultras!

*disclaimer: there may be mud, and almost certainly there will be cake.