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couch 2 5k

Welcome to Caldicot Running Club's Couch 2 5K page!  If you're on this page, you are likely looking for support to start or return to running. We recognise this is a big leap, and we aim to help you through this process, and celebrate your achievements at the end.

Frequently Asked questions

What is C25K?

C25K is a structured plan that enables people, who are new to running, a steady introduction to the sport. Our version of the Couch to 5K is done over an 11 week period, to allow gradual build up in distance and time running.

Who is it suitable for?

C25K is suitable for a variety of people such as:
- People new to running
​- Previous runners returning from injury, and want a structured way to rebuild their confidence and fitness
- People who have run previously and have had a long time away from running
*Minimum age for participation on our C25K is 18 years old.

What do I need to bring/wear?

All you need is a pair of trainers that are comfortable to run in, and clothes that are suitable for exercise and appropriate for the temperature and weather on the day. You can also bring a small water bottle if you wish to carry with you.

If it is during the winter months, you will need to wear a hi-vis jacket for safety.

How much and what does it include?

There is no cost to this, as we really want to introduce you to the sport we all love!

This course includes:
- 11 week structured C25K program
- A private Facebook Group.                                                               - A private Facebook chat group                                                       - Graduation run, supported by Caldicot Running Club members

What does the C25K programme look like?

Our C25K program is coordinated by volunteers who want to share their love of running and see you succeed. It will be overseen by a designated member of the committee, who is supported by several Caldicot Running Club members. The session will start at 6pm on Monday.

The Caldicot Running Club members will lead a group session once a week over the course of 11 weeks. Whilst the C25K follows a structured programme, we recognise that everybody is different and people will progress at slightly different rates, so don't worry if you are feeling a little apprehensive! The Caldicot Running Club members will spread themselves across the group to ensure no one runs solo, and everyone gains support.

As we get to know you better after Week 3, you will be allocated into a pace group of other runners who are at similar pace, and a run leader will support each pace group. At each session you will be guided through a warm-up, the C25K walk/run and a cool down. The session will last an hour in total. 

We will take a maximum of 20 people on the plan, to allow personal support. The plan is based on running 3 times a week, and we will provide guidance  on how to carry out the other two sessions during your own time each week. 

We recognise everyone's journey will be different, so we set up a private Facebook Group for C25K to allow ongoing support during the week.


Everybody at CRC have been so friendly and supportive. There is no judging those who are slower or can't run as far. Although many of us are still beginning our running journey, we are never made to feel like we are slowing anyone down, we always have other members willing to slow down to help us. 

I enjoy the feeling of being part of a club, it motivates me to go out and stay active. All the club members are very supportive and even though they have their own goals and targets they will still always find the time to support others with their individual goals.

When I joined Caldicot Running Club, I found it helped my motivation to get out, and I enjoy running with others as much as I like to get out on my own. I love how we all have our own goals, but work together to achieve them as a group. The support is second to none.