Caldicot Running Club


Date Description Category
1st Jan - 31st Dec Best 5k time Club Championships
1st Jan - 31st Oct Best half marathon Club Championships
1st Jan - 31st Dec XC Club Championships
April CRC Magic Mile Club Championships
July Magor 10k Club Championships
September CRC Handicap race Club Championships
November Bridge night race Club Championships
May - Aug Once a month on a Tuesday Rose Inn Series Champion
April Sugar Summer loaf – 7 mile fell race Trailies Cup
July Rabbit Run trail run – 7.5 miles Trailies Cup
November Twmbarlwm Terror – 7 miles Trailies Cup
- Watchless race Watchless wonder

The rules

Clubs champs are our yearly competition just for CRC members. Competing in the races or events designated as club champs awards you points which count towards your overall total.

We have a male and female club champ award, presented at our annual club awards.

In 2024, we are refreshing our club champs and introducing three additional specials. They are:

  • Rose Inn Series Champion

  • Trailies Cup

  • Watchless Race winner.

Club Championships (Ladies and Chaps)

To reflect the wide range of interests in the club, and to recognise the cost of entering races, we are streamlining the number of paid races and introducing more club-based events into our champs. The races/events which will count are:

  1. Best 5k time - 1 Jan-31 October

  2. Best Half Marathon - 1 Jan-31 October

  3. XC 1 Jan – 31 Dec. Includes this season’s 2024 runs (Feb, March) and the three early ones of next season (Oct, Nov, Dec)

  4. CRC Magic Mile - April

  5. Magor 10k - July (points to be awarded on age grading)

  6. CRC Handicap race - September + 5 points for getting PB

  7. Bridge night race - November (best of 2)

All points will be awarded on a XC basis – i.e. if 20 runners enter the magic mile, the best time will be awarded 20 points, the next 19 etc.

Rose Inn Series Champion (Ladies and Chaps)

The Rose Inn Series is a local fast, flat 4 mile series that happens May-Aug, once a month on a Tuesday. Entry via Fabian4. For our internal competition, we’ll use same scoring as XC.

Trailies Cup (Ladies and Chaps)

Three races will count towards the inaugural Trailies cup – all about the same distance and again scoring using the XC system. They are:

  1. Sugar Summer loaf – 7 mile fell race (usually April)

  2. Rabbit Run trail run – 7.5 miles (usually July) Home (

  3. Twmbarlwm Terror – 7 miles (usually November) Twmbarlwm Terror | Fairwater Runners Cwmbran (

Watchless Wonder

Our Watchless race will bring about its own champion as a standalone event.